In these busy, hectic times more and more people are craving space – space to think, space to unwind, space to grow, space to be, space to contemplate, space for new ideas and, as one client said to me recently…..even space to breathe!

Infact space is like oxygen. Without it we’re stifled. With it we thrive.

You don’t have to be a horticulturalist to see this played out in nature time and time again. We’ve all seen the effects that space deprivation has on those poor battery farmed chickens. And the sports fans amongst you will know how important it is to create space on the pitch, on the field and on the court.

Without space in our lives we become stressed, confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. When we create space for ourselves we feel more at ease, we can quiten our minds, see things more clearly and reconnect with all that we are.

And that’s why I’ve created SPACE, my unique 5 step formula for positive transformation. Not only is it about providing a safe and creative space for clients, it’s also evolved from a powerful and proven approach that I’ve been using with clients over many years with amazing results.

The 5 steps to transformation are outlined below. At each stage we use a unique blend of powerful techniques and approaches, combining western psychology and eastern philosophy with spiritual wisdom and practical skills and strategies.

S – start with yourself

A healthy sense of self is essential for developing and maintaining a feeling of confidence, realising your natural gifts and talents and making choices that fit with who you are.

P – prioritise what matters

Knowing what matters most, and what really drives you at a deep level, allows you to focus more easily, gain greater clarity and enjoy more passion and inspiration in your life..

A – accept and let go

Releasing unhelpful habits and conditioning, accepting who you are and letting go of attachments to things, people and opinions, is hugely liberating and frees you up to be your natural, authentic self.

C – create new choices and new ways of being

Choosing new perspectives opens up endless possibilities for who you are, how you want to be in the world and what else is possible.

E – effective, meaningful action

Taking action is important if you want to create results. Taking action that is meaningful and aligned with a higher sense of purpose or calling is powerful beyond measure.


Whether you want to dip your toe in the water, or dive in deep, the process can be designed to give you just what you need in the way that’s best for you.

So why not get in touch to find out more?