Talent & Wealth Dynamics


“If you are doing anything that feels like hard work, you are already doing the wrong thing”

Are you getting the results you want naturally and easily or do you sometimes feel like it’s an uphill struggle? Do the members of your team fully trust and support each other or are they somehow out of sync and not achieving all that they could? Well it may be that you or your team are out of flow.

What is Flow?

Put simply, Flow is the path of least resistance. When you, your team, and your organisation are in Flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, you have more fun and feel more connected.

When you’re in Flow you get to feel inspired and energised, out of Flow you end up feeling tired and depleted. In Flow things happen more naturally and easily, out of Flow you feel you’re getting nowhere fast. And in Flow you enjoy using your natural gifts and talents, out of flow you experience increased stress and loss of trust.

What is Talent & Wealth Dynamics?

The Talent & Wealth Dynamics systems are designed to show how you can add more value directly to the team, organisation or business in which you work and create more trust and flow using your natural energies and talents. And if you’re the leader of a team it can even help you get the entire team into flow.

“Talent Dynamics works because it delivers results in performance and profitability while aligning your team to the spirit and purpose at the heart of your organisation”

What’s your Profile?


There are 8 profiles and each has a different strategy for creating more flow in life and in work. When you follow the profile that fits best for you, you will gain more energy, enjoy more fulfillment and achieve better results more quickly and easily.

Click the button below to purchase a token, complete the online profile test and receive your personalised 19 page report. Not only will this show the Profile that’s the best fit for you. It also suggests strategies and activities that will most naturally and easily help you stay in Flow and provides examples of successful role models who share your profile and that you can study and learn from.

I’d heard about Talent Dynamics and decided to take the test and debrief. I’m so glad I did as it has been extremely insightful and has really helped me to focus some key, value adding development activity as a result. It was such a huge help in understanding my drivers and behaviours and has become a critical reference tool for me, not only in understanding myself but also in what sort of work and situations I deal best with, as well as how I interact with my team and my stakeholders. I’d totally recommend it to anyone!  HR Consultant – Royal Bank of Scotland


What you’ll receive in your personal report.

1. Your Unique Profile

This shows you the most natural activities you should focus on to stay in flow.

 2. Role Models Who Share Your Profile

Which famous role models you can study and learn from.

3. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

What gets you into your flow. What are distractions and what are opportunities.

4. How to Create Value using Your Profile

How to channel your strengths and leverage your resources to achieve more with less.

 5. Talent Frequency breakdown

See your balance of energies and talents and understand why you do what you do.

6. Your unique style

Discover the styles of leadership, learning and communication that work best for you because one size really doesn’t fit all.