What makes you come alive?


Well, it’s that time of year again when schools, students and parents too are preparing for the start of a new academic year. And it reminds me of when I first went to university in Sheffield all those years ago. Finding my way around, meeting new people, discovering new places (and pubs!), full of hope..

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Choices, transitions and what next

A number of women I’ve spoken to recently are either contemplating leaving work, already taking a break or simply wondering what to do next. For some this feels like a positive choice but others have become bored, burnt out or just recognise this isn’t where they want to be any more.   Whilst reaching this..

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The past is over


We have a choice. Repeating patterns from the past or creating something new. We think we’re choosing, deciding and acting freely as an adult but mostly we’re compensating for and reacting to our past as a child. Only when we see what’s really going on can we shift our focus, let go of the past..

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Are you ready to receive?


An important but often overlooked aspect of creating what we love is being open to receive. We can invest huge amounts of time and energy trying to get what we want but if we don’t allow ourselves to receive we’ll block what’s available to us. Whether it’s a relationship, a new client, a new job..

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Follow your Heart


“Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become” ~ Steve Jobs You’ve heard the words, you know the quote but are you really following your intuition?     We think we know about intuition don’t we? Yet you might be surprised just how easy it is to miss..

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Be unstoppable

We all have failures, we all have doubts. We can give these the power and allow them to stop us. Or we can focus instead on what we’d love to create….and be unstoppable. Happy International Women’s Day :)

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Effort or ease?

Last week I had a few lovely surprises. I won a raffle, received money I wasn’t expecting and met just the person I needed at just the right time ;-) And the best part about it was, I didn’t have to do anything. Well not much anyway. None of these was planned. They were all..

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Magic or mayhem?

Magic or mayhem? What are you creating? We’re always creating results of some kind, either what we want or, what we don’t want. The difference between the two lies in the choices we make and the actions we take…very often outside of conscious awareness. If you’re creating mayhem in your life, it’s likely that your..

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