Delight, disappointment or despair?


What are you creating? I’ve just come back from swimming at my local health club which has been undergoing a lengthy and no doubt costly refurbishment. In parts it looks great, and much improved. But with inadequate space for gym equipment, no promised juice bar/cafe and lack of seating in the changing rooms people seem..

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When you think you know

The moment we think we know is the moment to pause and let go. When we let go of what we ‘think’ is true or possible we make space for what’s really true and possible.   We spend much of our lives holding on tight to our knowledge, beliefs and perceptions. But to live a..

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Magic Monday

Magic Monday – If you’d like 2019 to be less effort-full and more magical please read on…. Following the success and feedback from the free coaching sessions I offered last month, I’ve decided to continue throughout 2019 and give more people chance to benefit.   So on the first Monday of each month I’ll be..

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Happy New Year!


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Magical 2019! And if you want to go beyond wishing and actually start creating this for yourself why not join me for the Magic Art of Creating what you Love. More details coming soon……  

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