Myth or Magic


When we believe our own myth we deny our own truth. Relying on what you think you know or perceive to be true limits what’s possible for you and others. Following your heart and trusting your intuition opens up limitless possibilities.   (Original photo by Michal Lomza via

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Magic Monday

Another Magic Monday :) On the first Monday of each month I’m giving away 3 FREE coaching sessions to the first three people who get in touch. And today is Magic Monday, so if you or someone you know would love to create a little more magic in 2019, whether in your work or your..

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Balance for Better


Would you love to create amazing results more effortlessly, and a life you love more magically? Then why not join us for this insightful and inspiring, fun and enjoyable online event.     In support of International Women’s Day I’m hosting this free call exploring the theme Balance for Better. Not so much in terms..

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