That’s when the magic happens

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually right before the magic happens. Why is that? Well most of us, most of the time rely on our thoughts and feelings to determine our actions. And yet so often what our thoughts are telling us to do isn’t the best thing to do. But we go..

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Magic Monday

On the first Monday of each month I’m giving away 3 FREE coaching sessions to the first three people who apply. So if you or someone you know would love a free intuitive session, and to create a little more magic in 2019, whether in your work or your personal life, please get in touch…

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Magic? Seriously?


Sometimes people don’t think I’m serious when I talk about magic. And in one sense they’re right. I’m not being serious, I’m having fun. Because creating what you love, magically and effortlessly, is far more fun than taking life so seriously. Just imagine the sense of joy and delight when things show up surprisingly and..

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