Day 13 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Wonder This morning, as I was wondering whether I had time to venture into nature, one of my calls was magically postponed :) So I went for a walk, wandering in the outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, expansiveness and freedom. And in nature, there is so much to behold, so much..

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Day 12 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Structure On my walk this morning I couldn’t help noticing the variety of different structures that exist in nature. An intricate spider’s web, the form of a plant, the shape of a pine cone….in fact, did you know that a pine cone always has 8 clockwise spirals and 13 anti clockwise spirals?..

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Day 11 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Abundance. Nature is inherently abundant. When we go into nature and take a look around we can notice the abundance of wildlife or plant life or perhaps the rich variety of sights and sounds. And in it’s natural state Nature is a finely balanced, self sustaining ecosystem. We too are part of..

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Day 10 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Power. By power, I don’t mean force. I mean harnessing your natural power and creating results with less effort, more ease. Too often, we can fall into the trap of believing that being powerful means being forceful. And that to get something done we need to push, force or manipulate. Yet when..

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Day 9 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Beauty. True beauty can prompt us to stop and pause for a moment, captivated in a state of awe and wonder. And in this special moment, not only does it lift our spirits and benefit our well being, it also allows us to experience life beyond our everyday thinking and perceptions. We..

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Day 8 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Freedom We all have a tendency to adapt and compromise ourselves. Whether that’s to seek approval, fit in or feel safe. Or be seen as credible and successful at work. Or perhaps appear powerful and influential as a leader. But the more we adapt the further we drift from who we truly..

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Day 7 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Stillness We live in a noisy world…not just the outer world but our own inner world too. Filled with constant thinking and questioning, concerns and opinions, perceptions and assumptions. It can be difficult discerning and distilling what’s true and hard to know what to choose, say or do. So what can we..

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Day 6 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Chaos :) A strange gift you might think. Isn’t life chaotic enough? Wouldn’t more order and control be better? Well Nature too can appear chaotic and messy at times. Dead leaves accumulating in soggy mounds on the ground. An innocent mouse killed by a predatory fox. Beautiful garden flowers devoured by slugs..

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Day 5 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Letting go. I remember at the start of this year thinking that, being a mirror number, perhaps 2020 would be an opportunity to reflect, see more clearly, and notice what needs to change. What I didn’t consider was the sheer scale of this. The arrival of 2020 seems to have triggered all..

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Day 4 #30giftsfromnature


Today’s gift is Magic. These days most of us have learned to become dependent on rational thinking and allow less time for magic and imagination. Yet when we rely only on what the rational mind can comprehend we limit our experience based on what we perceive or believe to be possible. When we observe nature..

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