Change is in the Air


Can you smell it? Autumn that is. There’s something about the arrival of Autumn, making itself known in magical ways. The abundance of acorns and chestnuts on the ground, the nights drawing in or the rutting of wild deer. And there’s a distinct scent in the air too….whether from wood burning fires, or the earthy..

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Effort or Ease


How is it that we sometimes make things more difficult than they need to be? Have you ever found yourself spending way too long trying to work something out, find a solution, or get it just right? Or maybe you procrastinate before starting something, hesitate before saying something or over complicate when actually there might..

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What lies beneath?


Fungi are fascinating. Did you know for instance that a Parasol mushroom can grow to the size of a saucer? There are actually hundreds of varieties of Fungi. And all are important both for biodiversity and for the large number of plants that depend on them to supply nutrients to their roots. But the mushrooms..

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