What’s NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is often described as a series of tools and techniques for creating excellence and provides some of the most effective communication models available in business today.

In the 1970’s, in California, Richard Bandler a mathematician, and John Grinder a professor in Linguistics set out to model outstanding communicators and discover the secrets of excellence. They observed the physiology and language, the thinking strategies, beliefs and values that created success. These discoveries, together with the process of modeling, form what we now know as NLP and are continually being developed and used in the fields of business, management, sales, sport and education.

NLP can be explained as;

Neuro: how we use our mind

Linguistic: the verbal and non verbal language we use and the meaning we place on things

Programming: our patterns of thinking and behaviour

Practising NLP techniques will help you discover how to enhance communication, increase flexibility and choice, and get the results you want for you, your team and your organisation.

More specifically, NLP can help you;

• Develop outstanding communication skills
• Set and achieve compelling goals and outcomes
• Overcome barriers to success
• Build high quality relationships
• Increase awareness of yourself and others
• Improve your ability to influence and motivate
• Manage your own state and performance

This increased awareness and understanding can create the difference between excellence and mediocrity. And when dealing with people it’s important to understand how they think and make decisions in order to successfully influence and maximise results. Without really understanding those around you how can you expect to achieve your true potential?

Many of our development programmes incorporate elements of Applied NLP.