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“Coaching with Denise is truly transformational and I would not be where I am without her support. Before I signed up I wasn’t sure if coaching was for me, but looking back I know I made the right decision. I’ve created many magical results including a home, relationship and some amazing trips. But the true gold is what I’ve learned about myself. Thank you for that Denise!”

“Denise is a wonderful coach with an amazing ability to see what truly lies in your heart, reveal what is standing in the way, and help you create results you love”

“The event in nature inspired me to see things I would not have normally noticed. Which in turn triggered my imagination, inspiring new creative projects of my own”

“So much has happened since I started coaching with Denise. What I appreciate most is her ability to hold the space and gently but surely help me shift my perspective, opening up new possibilities and refocusing on what really matters”

“What a magical day that was! Denise is an exceptional coach and teacher”

“Denise has a wonderful and easy way of teaching that makes the techniques accessible and helps you implement them in your life”

“Denise has the amazing ability to totally ground me in just a few minutes, help me clear away the fog and refocus on my vision and the obvious next step. As a result I created a dream life, community and work life balance that all seemed impossible 9 months ago”

“Denise you were brilliant – really inspiring – very excited at the prospect of letting go and letting in the magic”

“Before the webinar I was feeling a little resistant and the notion of any magic in my life felt a bit remote – but afterwards I felt really positive. And then I had an amazing day the next day – I felt incredibly effective, accomplished a lot really easily and enjoyed what I was doing too”

“I contacted Denise after suffering with foot/ankle pain and realising the Dr’s and painkillers weren’t working. My feet have now become a lot less painful and one is completely recovered. Instead of feeling down and worried about the situation I now feel uplifted and empowered. I now believe I will soon be completely healed and it’s great to know I can create that. I would really recommend Denise whatever you need help with. Amazing!”

“Earlier this week I attended Denise’s webinar training about creating more magic in your life. During the webinar she guided us through a couple of exercises and today, just a few days later, I received four cheques out of the blue totalling over £2000! I highly recommend Denise and what she is teaching!”

“Denise is an insightful and intuitive coach. She tapped into what was really going on and guided me to intuitively see things more clearly and recognise what to do next to create the changes I wanted in my business. It felt easy yet effective. I would definitely recommend.”

“I had been feeling a bit lost and not sure what to do next to move forward on my goals. Denise helped me get in touch with my intuition and get real clarity about my next step. I’m feeling empowered and grateful. It felt easy and natural. Highly recommended”

“Through your charming and reassuring ways, alongside the depth of wisdom, knowledge and experience you have, you created an energizing and enjoyable event. You lovingly fired our imaginations, created space and a safe environment for us to be vulnerable, and helped us create a path where the magic might just happen.”

“I highly recommend Denise and her Reimagine your Life event. It gives you a great new set of tools with which to build a life you love”

“Denise has a wonderful and easy way of teaching that makes the techniques accessible and helps you implement them in your life”

“Denise, your coaching was brilliant! You held a wonderful space for me to dive into the big dilemma I was facing and see things newly from the perspective of my authentic self. I was able to make a grounded and accurate decision and i’m now in action – wow! I highly recommend the work you are doing to anyone who wants to find more authentic and empowered ways to live.”

“At the heart of it all lay the trust that Denise had in us, as participants, but also the trust that she elicited from us through her calm guidance and supportive approach.”

“The weekend was a well needed tonic filled with calmness, positive energy, and clarity that I know will help me focus on my future plans ahead”

“There are so many gold nuggets I have taken away, especially how I can train and learn from my intuition”

“I loved the location, the beautiful surroundings, seeing the world anew and writing more creatively than I ever have before”

“I left the weekend with a far broader sense of how the imagination can inform all aspects of life and how to live it”

“The event is so useful and helpful for everyone, those at a standstill or, like me, juggling too much at the same time”

“I feel more powerful, confident and relaxed and recognize I have more choice than I realized” – Coaching client

“The coaching has yielded very valuable insights,  a sense of what really matters and new perspectives which will percolate through my life” – Coaching client

“I can now see that there are more options available than the rational mind can comprehend. I am living closer to my own truth without being side tracked” – Coaching client

“I now see things differently and have a calmer perspective on life” – Coaching client

“You continue to inspire me with something money can’t buy” – Coaching client

“Denise helped me to unlock what I really want from life, which has had a big impact on the changes I have made to my personal life and to my business.  I now have the balance in my life that I had spent years trying to achieve.  Thanks Denise, you truly are inspirational.” – Alison Persson, Business Owner 

“These conversations are really helping. I feel wiser and more content. Thank you” – Coaching client

“The coaching has given me the tools to stay calm, be present, play to my strengths, and be more myself” – Exec coaching client 

“Denise has a great balance of personal empathy and understanding, but is also able to challenge where appropriate, in order to get the most out of the sessions” – Exec coaching client

“I would strongly recommend Denise as a personal coach, I enjoyed working with her and found the sessions very worthwhile.” – Exec coaching client

“Denise listens in a calm way which is always non-judgemental. She then uses a variety of techniques plus a little bit of magic! to help me clarify my thinking and find a way forward” – Coaching client

“The work we have done has been powerful and transformational. Without it I wouldn’t have coped with the challenges and difficulties I have been facing. I just wish I’d met you 6 months ago” – Exec coaching client

“The workshop helped me to understand more about myself and my business, and I will now be able to make decisions more easily” – Business owner, Workshop participant

“Denise helps me to think through things that are preventing me from moving forward or causing me to feel stuck. She uses her wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to give me the space, time and support to discover my own solution” – Coaching client

“The first time Denise helped me was when I had a phobia of flying. I only had one meeting with her and following that meeting I flew for the first time in 11 years. Not only do I fly regularly now, I actually enjoy the experience” – Coaching client

“Denise has an incredibly calm approach which helped me to relax”  – Solicitor, Workshop participant

“Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop. I now seem to be more at peace with my situation”  – Solicitor, Workshop participant

“I now have practical steps that I can take to move me closer to the right kind of success for me”  – Consultant, Workshop participant

“Just reflecting on the day – feeling very zen and inspired to be ME. Thank you”  – Business owner, Workshop participant

“I have learned lots of new skills that I can put into practice. Denise was very, very good and had a way of keeping us engaged and fresh. Overall I was pleasantly surprised, thank you” – Course participant

“The coaching has helped me rediscover my passions and desires and realise the importance of pursuing them” Tara – Coaching client

“Very enjoyable workshop, thank you. It has really helped to put my life into perspective”

“The work we did last week has proven its worth. I have been able to stay centred and calm. Thank you so much – you are such a star and I am forever grateful for all your help” Senior manager – Coaching client

“I was really impressed by your calm, professional approach and really value what you have given me – a way of calming down by staying in the ‘now’ both personally and professionally, and the confidence to really think about what I wanted and move my business forward in a way that I was fearful of doing before. Thank you! ” Pippa, Business owner – Coaching client

“In such a short time you asked all the right questions and got right down to my very soul! Thank you.” Charmaine, Business owner

“I have now set up my own business and am enjoying it immensly. The coaching sessions we had really helped build my confidence and I don’t think I would have been where I am now without that. Thank you.” Alf , Business owner

“You helped me dig deep inside myself and recognise the barriers I was erecting that were stopping me reach my potential. I now have improved confidence and the ability to re-centre myself more readily. As a result I achieved an executive director’s position and have used some of the tools that have helped me to support others.” J.C. Director – Coaching client

“You really did so much to help me Denise and I do thank you for that. You have given me the spectacles to see clearly again ;-) ” Senior manager – Coaching client

“You have been most sensitive and patient towards me. I am more positive and optimistic. It feels as if I have had an MOT, a clear out. Thank you.” Business owner – Coaching client

“I found your questions and the different techniques you use very valuable. I now have better clarity of my next steps and am more motivated to take those steps. Thanks! ” Senior manager –  Coaching client

“The feedback from the group said it all. You met their needs and motivated them in their resolve to do well when training others.”   R.L. Training manager

“Her leadership during the week was enlightening and more than professional : it was passionate”
V.K. Manager, Int. manufacturing company

“Always armed with much needed encouragement at the right time” B.M. HR Manager

“You have changed my life with your training and advice …. seriously !!! I now have more confidence and have made changes I never knew I could” S.O. Energy company

“I am really finding our time together beneficial, thank you for all your help” L.H. Coaching client

“Thanks for a great course, I will certainly recommend to others” P.B.  Course participant

“I would recommend Denise Parker Coaching & Development without hesitation and look forward to working again with you in the future” K.G. Cabinet Office

“Denise was great and showed a lot of flexibility with us..… she was able to pick up what we needed as we went along. She gave lots of good examples to illustrate ideas and gave us just the right amount of information” N.A. HR manager

“Very inspiring, authentic and passionate”  J.S Course participant

“Denise has helped me clarify my aims and objectives, along with my thought processes, and helped me overcome a number of blocks” V.J. Coaching client

“All aspects had a significant and relevant impact”

“Very confident, upbeat and inspiring….she showed confidence in our ability to learn” S.B. Course participant

“Has provided me with fantastic tools to use in my role”

“Very knowledgeable and helpful” M.M. Coaching client