6 month Group Coaching programme

September 2023


Designed to support you in living from your heart and creating what you love.


Alchemy in Nature brings together advanced creative principles, laws of nature and intuitive skills and techniques to help you create what you love more naturally and effortlessly and navigate these unpredictable times a little more easily.


And I’d love to invite you to join us!


The main details are below. If you have any questions, or would like to have a chat first please message me.



Just like nature, we need to keep unfolding and creating, otherwise we stagnate, give up on our dreams and revert to our default habits, repeating history and recreating more of the same. And as you may already have experienced, it’s not easy doing this alone. We are very good at throwing up excuses, putting up resistance and catching ourselves out in ways we don’t easily see. 

So I’d really love to support you over the next 6 months in the most powerful way and, at the same time, make it affordable too.


With everything that’s going on in the world it can be easy to feel powerless, become distracted or disheartened and give up on your dreams and aspirations.


So as we appproach the end of Summer, and with Autumn just around the corner, this programme will be an opportunity to take stock of where you are, receive what you’ve created so far and be supported in creating what’s true for you now.


Over the 6 months you’ll

? gain greater clarity about your purpose, direction and what you’d truly love to create  

? discover and apply advanced creative principles and go beyond what you thought was possible

? deepen your intuitive skills and abilities and tap into the deeper wisdom within 

? delve into the laws of nature and discover how to apply in your own life

? receive insights and inspiration to feel inspired and rise to the next level

? learn practical tools to help you create and lead more naturally and effortlessly

? be supported in taking action and creating results you love


What’s included

? 6 month group coaching programme

? Beginning September 2022 – completing February 2023

? Private Coaching sessions for personalised focus and support 

? Two group calls per month where we’ll learn and practice together, answer questions and share experiences

? Additional support, resources and call recordings available in the private Facebook community 


Drawing on over 25 years as a transformational coach and mentor, I’ll show how you can use the wisdom of nature, the power of intuition, and the principles of creativity to go beyond what you ‘think’ is possible and create results you truly love.



You’ll also have free access to new online content as it’s released and any additional online classes I run during the 6 month period. 


Two options

There are two levels to choose from.


1 Full immersion  

Two personal coaching calls with me each month (approx 60 mins each)

Access to the group (2 group calls pm, Facebook group support, resources and bonuses)


2 Lite version 

One personal coaching call with me each month (approx 60 mins)

Access to the group (2 group calls pm, Facebook group support, resources and bonuses)


Next Steps

If you’d love to join us and create something magical please get in touch to register your interest or email denise@deniseparker.com to arrange a chat.


Because naturally life can be magical :)

Denise x


A few comments from previous events;


‘What you shared with us on the call today was pure gold :)’

‘I loved this structure and how powerful it is because it’s so easy to get diverted from creating what I want’

‘Loved being supported by you Denise and the rest of the group’

‘Refreshing to spend time together with people on different yet similar journeys, with a shared passion for creating lives we love’

‘I learned a lot, deepened my understanding of myself and the importance of structures like this to help me stay focused’

‘I feel very fortunate to be here Denise, thank you’ 

‘Thank you so, so much for an amazing and much needed coaching session’

‘Just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re having such a positive impact on people’s lives.’

‘Thank you so much Denise, this was wonderful!’

‘I love the way you presented each session and led us on our journey Denise. It was very insightful. Thank you’

‘What a magical day that was! Denise is an exceptional coach and teacher’

‘Denise has a wonderful and easy way of teaching that makes the techniques accessible and helps you implement them in your life’


‘Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better’

Albert Einstein