Human Race

Is it just me or have you noticed how fast everyone seems to be going these days?

Everywhere I look, people seem to be rushing through life, racing to complete their next challenge, frantically working to achieve their latest goal or, worse still, desperately striving to become a better person. And it’s not only physically that people seem to be operating on fast forward. Their minds are racing too, often so loud and so fast that they can’t relax or think clearly any more.

Everything’s becoming a bit of a blur. It’s as though everyone has entered some kind of race and I’ve not submitted my entry form! ;-)

And yes, occasionally, I begin to feel myself being caught by the tide too. Marketing experts, business advisors and even so called ‘spiritual’ business mentors are telling me I should be implementing the latest tactics without delay, warning me that if I don’t act now I’ll miss their essential offer and advising that the sooner I start the sooner I too can enjoy 5 star hotels, first class travel and designer shoes just like they do!

But wait. Who says I need all that? And who decided it all has to happen today?

The danger with that kind of thinking is that we start to feel a sense of lack, inadequacy and anxiety. And more often than not we then start working even harder, striving to be even better, get more and more frantic and…. become completely ineffective.

And where’s everyone racing to anyway? Or what are they running away from perhaps? Is it fear? Fear of being left behind, of feeling incomplete or not being good enough?

It’s important to remember we’re not in that kind of race ;-) A dictionary definition actually describes the human race as ‘all of the living human inhabitants of the earth’. And lists it as a ‘noun’ not a ‘verb’! The human race is simply about being on this planet not racing towards some imaginary winning post to earn a shiny new trophy, fancy title or admiration and respect. No matter how fast we run we’re still human and getting there first won’t alter that ;-)

So if you find yourself worrying, getting frustrated or racing through life with no time to stop and relax here are a few tips that might be helpful. (and if this is just more information than you need please feel free to ignore of course!)

Stop – Take time to pause, breathe and come back to the present
Time out – Go for a walk, meditate, stretch, be in nature or whatever else works for you
Remember – What’s important for YOU? What matters most in YOUR life?
Focus – Choose a small number of things to concentrate on and set your own timescales
Acknowledge – what you’ve already accomplished
Know – life is not a race or a competition
Enough – believe that you are already enough

And remember, ‘There is more to life than increasing it’s speed’ Mahatma Gandhi