Pumpkins2.2I don’t know what it was like where you were last weekend, but here in London we had a real treat weather wise. Which got me thinking about Nature, and how it has such an innate way of rebalancing through the seasons.

Not so long ago, we were bemoaning one of the wettest Spring’s on record, only to find ourselves a few weeks later enjoying one of the sunniest and hottest Summers in years. And now, in what seems like no time at all, Autumn has arrived in all its glory, a time for harvesting nature’s fruits, letting go of the old and preparing the ground again for future seasons to come.

And the same can be true for us too. When we follow the natural cycle of things, rather than going against the grain, we create more natural flow and success with greater balance and ease.

Which is why Autumn can be the perfect time for taking stock, reflecting on results so far, making necessary adjustments and preparing the way for a bumper year ahead. A time for reflecting on questions such as these perhaps?

# Have you accomplished what you intended so far this year?
# How are you feeling, energised or exhausted?
# On a scale of 1 to 10, how in flow are you?
# What is it time to let go of or remove?
# What do you want for next year – more of the same or is it time for a change?
# What do you need to Do, and how do you need to Be to make next year an amazing, fulfilling and rewarding one?

So if you, or someone you work with, would like to take advantage of this Autumn energy, make the changes you’d like to make, and pave the way for an amazing and successful 2014, you might be interested in this Special Coaching opportunity.

Autumn Coaching Opportunity

With now being a popular time to begin coaching and prepare for the year ahead, I’m offering 3 months personalised coaching to support professional clients wishing to address challenges, make changes and prepare themselves for the start of 2014. This isn’t just about planning what to Do. It’s also about recognising how to Be in order to fulfil your commitments and accomplish the things that matter most to you.

As it’s already October I won’t delay with lots of detail or long winded sign up processes. And as I only work with a small number of clients at a time I only have space for 6 clients for the remainder of this year.

So if you, or someone in your organisation would like to find out more then please get in touch at denise@www.deniseparker.com or call 07958 738332 to arrange an initial chat and find out how this might be of benefit.

PLUS if you book by 10th of October (10th of the 10th) these 3 special bonuses are also included


1 –  5 Personal Profile reports for colleagues or team members highlighting their natural strengths and talents

2 –  E-book by Roger James Hamilton –  “How to Unlock your Teams True Potential”

3 –  100 people will get clean drinking water, nourishing meals and education support via B1G1.com


And one last thing before I go… a few words from one or two clients

I would strongly recommend Denise as a coach, I enjoyed working with her and found the sessions very worthwhile. The coaching has given me the tools to stay calm, be present, play to my strengths, and be more myself – Exec coaching client

The work we have done has been powerful and transformational. Without it I wouldn’t have coped with the challenges and difficulties I have been facing. I just wish I’d met you 6 months ago – Exec Coaching client   

You helped me dig deep inside myself and recognise the barriers I was erecting that were stopping me reach my potential. I now have improved confidence and the ability to re-centre myself more readily. As a result I achieved an executive director’s position and have used some of the tools that have helped me to support others – Senior coaching client


So if something here resonates with you, and you’re ready to get ready, please get in touch at denise@www.deniseparker.com or call 07958 738332 to find out more.