Day 12 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Structure

On my walk this morning I couldn’t help noticing the variety of different structures that exist in nature.

An intricate spider’s web, the form of a plant, the shape of a pine cone….in fact, did you know that a pine cone always has 8 clockwise spirals and 13 anti clockwise spirals? :)

Even the more free flowing plants, still have structure in their leaves and their root systems.

And we need structure too. In our lives, our work, our business and for anything we want to create. Not only that but we need the right kind of structure for what we want.

Without structure, we can end up being blown off course or ending up where we didn’t want to be. Without the right structure we can find ourselves flowing against the tide and not creating what we want. We won’t grow an oak tree by planting a pine cone.

So the question is…..which structure are you in and is it helping you create the results you really want?

Today’s practice

Take some time to relax and be, perhaps somewhere in nature.

Set an intention to receive wisdom, insight or clarity that will serve you.

Choose something that you’d like to change or create, for example, where are you not getting results in your business, where are you missing out on something you’d love, where are you feeling unmotivated or burned out?

Take a moment to be with this….noticing your thoughts, feelings, emotions.

What structure, routine and ways of thinking have you set up?

Is this supporting you or sabotaging you?

Now take a few deep, comfortable breaths and let all that go.

Imagine now that you’ve created the result you’d love.

Notice the feeling, the emotion, the energy.

Ask yourself, ‘what structure supported and enabled this?’

Don’t pre-empt or assume that you know…… take your time and let it emerge.

What arises, what becomes obvious?

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