Day 13 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Wonder

This morning, as I was wondering whether I had time to venture into nature, one of my calls was magically postponed :) So I went for a walk, wandering in the outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, expansiveness and freedom.

And in nature, there is so much to behold, so much to be curious about and so much that delights and invites a sense of wonder.

‘Wisdom begins in Wonder’ ~ Socrates

In this state of wonder, our minds open and we open ourselves up to information, experience and wisdom beyond the known and familiar. We see more, sense more, discover more and create space for new insights and inspiration to emerge.

Today’s Practice

Think of an aspect of your life, your work or your business that perhaps isn’t working well or feels stuck or where you’d like to be more imaginative and creative.

Take some time to be in nature in whatever way is available for you right now.

And set an intention to receive insight and wisdom that will serve you.

Become aware of your thoughts about the situation, the approach you’ve been taking and the feelings you’re experiencing.

Now taking a few deep comfortable breaths, imagine letting go and emptying out of all those familiar thoughts, expectations, feelings and emotions.

Take a look around….allowing yourself to really notice what’s here. Perhaps the obvious things, perhaps the less obvious things. Maybe the clouds scudding across the sky, the canopy of a large oak tree, or the diversity and power of the natural world..

Take your time, immerse yourself without needing to understand…allowing a sense of openness, expansiveness or wonder to arise.

Now consider….what would you love, what would you love to create?

In this space, what becomes obvious?

Don’t try working it out, over thinking or forcing a solution.

Just let go, stay open and stay in the wonder :)

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