Day 2 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Space

There’s a Japanese concept that I first came across whilst watching the @RHS Chelsea Flower Show on TV. And that’s ‘Ma’.

It’s used to describe a pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space, and the concept had been applied to create a stunning and beautiful garden.

And Ma, or space, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing of course. We need space in our everyday lives too. Space to rest, space to contemplate, space to unwind, space to relax, space to grow and space for new insights, intuition and ideas to emerge.

Without space we can become confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and the constant chatter or incessant thinking can be exhausting and limiting.

So why not make some space this week and follow this simple practice.


Take some time and make space to connect in Nature……whether an open space, a park or garden, a balcony or in your own home.

Set your devices, distractions and To Do lists aside.

As you sit, or walk, take a few deep, comfortable breaths.

Bring your attention to the breath, the in breath…..the out breath, and allow your mind to settle.

Now take a look around.

Become aware of the space….the space you’re in and the space between things too. Perhaps the space between the trees, or even the space between the petals of a delicate flower.

Take your time. Breathe. And notice what you notice.

What becomes obvious? What insights emerge?

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