Day 5 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Letting go.

I remember at the start of this year thinking that, being a mirror number, perhaps 2020 would be an opportunity to reflect, see more clearly, and notice what needs to change.

What I didn’t consider was the sheer scale of this.

The arrival of 2020 seems to have triggered all manner of turbulence and upheaval and brought some unpalatable and unsustainable aspects of our lives into much sharper focus.

And with the year not yet half way through it already feels like we’re being invited, called or urged to let go.

Let go of what no longer serves us, and is no longer sustainable, for ourselves, for each other, for nature and the planet.

We see quite clearly how Nature regularly sheds what’s no longer required and makes space for new seeds, new shoots and new growth to emerge and thrive.

And we can learn from this too. Not by dismissing and forgetting what’s gone before. But by consciously letting go and creating anew.

To grow, evolve and create a better future in the weeks and months ahead will undoubtedly require letting go of old practices and embracing new ones. Letting go of old assumptions and opening up to new perspectives. And letting go of limitations to make space for new possibilities.

So what is it true to let go of?

And what is it true to embrace?

Today’s Practice

Find a quiet place and take some time for reflection.

Perhaps somewhere in nature whether outdoors or at home.

Take a few deep comfortable breaths and bring your attention to this present moment.

Set an intention to receive insight and wisdom that will serve the highest in you and for others.

Now contemplate the following questions and note down your responses to each.

Allow the answers to emerge rather than relying on what you already think.

1 What have I / we created so far in 2020?

2 What have I / we learned in 2020?

3 What is it true to let go of?

4 What is it true to create now?

What becomes obvious? What’s true for you?

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