Day 6 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Chaos :)

A strange gift you might think. Isn’t life chaotic enough? Wouldn’t more order and control be better?

Well Nature too can appear chaotic and messy at times.

Dead leaves accumulating in soggy mounds on the ground. An innocent mouse killed by a predatory fox. Beautiful garden flowers devoured by slugs and snails. Not quite what we would like to see perhaps.

Yet on another level we know that these are all aspects of a wider system working naturally and beautifully.

The leaves will decompose into the ground providing nutrients for plants and trees. The fox finds food essential for it’s survival. And the snails provide sustenance for birds and hedgehogs.

In our own lives, when we try to control things, and seek order and certainty, we can miss the bigger picture, avoid getting started or limit what’s possible. But when we let go of needing to know how things will happen, relinquish control and our desire for things to be a certain way, we make space for magic and something just as good if not better.

In the words of J Lynn,

“Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place”

Today’s Practice

Find a quiet place, perhaps in nature, and take some time to just be.

Ask yourself “Where am I trying to control or figure things out?”

“What would happen if I let go of needing to know, or needing things to be a certain way?”

What becomes obvious, what else becomes possible? 

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