Day 8 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Freedom

We all have a tendency to adapt and compromise ourselves.

Whether that’s to seek approval, fit in or feel safe. Or be seen as credible and successful at work. Or perhaps appear powerful and influential as a leader.

But the more we adapt the further we drift from who we truly are, our authentic self and our core essence.

And so eventually our efforts begin to backfire and we find that we’ve actually lost credibility, sabotaged relationships or run ourselves into the ground with exhaustion.

In contrast, when we go into nature we can experience the freedom to simply be. Where the buttercup isn’t trying to be a rose, a duck isn’t striving to soar like an eagle and the oak tree isn’t trying to be anything but itself.

And neither need we be anything but ourselves.

Today’s Practice

Find a quiet place and take some time for reflection.

Perhaps somewhere in nature whether outdoors or at home.

Take a few deep comfortable breaths and bring your attention to this present moment, letting go of thoughts and feelings.

Now look around as if seeing for the very first time.

Notice the range of trees or plants or flowers. The different colours, shapes and sizes.

A tree being a tree….a leaf being a leaf….a flower being a flower.

When you’re ready, bringing your attention back to yourself, ask;

How do I adapt or compromise myself? Take your time and allow insights to emerge.

What is it that’s true and authentically me? Again take your time and allow insights to emerge.

What do you notice? What becomes obvious?

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