Like a Duck to Water 


We all know the expression…. If you take to something like a duck to water, you discover you’re naturally good at it or find it very easy to do.



But how many of us find ourselves doing things that don’t come naturally or easily. 

Worse still what if you find yourself on a wrong path that’s leading you further away from your true nature and natural gifts and talents. 


It can be easy to forget or lose sight of what we love and would really love to be doing. Or even never discover what that is in the first place. 

Perhaps you’re a natural teacher but find yourself working with spreadsheets all day. Or maybe you have hidden talents for writing or painting or music. 

The further out of alignment we drift, away from our own true nature, the greater the risk of burnout or boredom, frustration or even ill health. 

With all that’s been happening in the world I know that lots of us are reviewing how we’re living right now. 


If that’s you, then don’t less this moment pass by. 

Be like a duck, a duck to water, and choose what makes you flourish naturally 💚


If you’re not sure where to begin please feel free to get in touch, love to have a chat