Natural Balance

In the third and final call of my Mini Series last week we explored the themes of creative tension and natural balance.

In particular, we looked at the presence of masculine and feminine energies in nature. And the role of these in our own lives too.



While masculine energy is typically reflected in taking action and moving forward. Feminine energy is more about letting go, allowing and receiving.

But our unconscious reliance on one or the other can have a negative impact and sabotage our results.

Too much emphasis on the masculine for instance can lead to stress, burnout or being limited by a need for certainty. And an over emphasis on the feminine can result in procrastination, holding back and visions never brought to life.

In contrast though, the natural world instinctively knows when to hibernate or patiently wait, and when to blossom or spring into life.

And when we learn to intuitively restore our own natural balance, we can create more effortlessly and lead more naturally.

As these comments from people on the call illustrated.

“I suddenly realised I missed an opportunity and that actually there’s a lot less I need to do”

“It really is that simple, I don’t need to make it more complicated than that”


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