Seasons and Cycles

Nature’s rhythm continues to flow through changing seasons and cycles of growth.

And in our own lives too, change continues and moves through natural cycles. 

Some elements of our life or work might be in the winter phase, typically a time for completion, reflection and evaluation. Other aspects might be in the Spring phase such as new ideas, new ventures or new ways of working. 

When we acknowledge the season we’re in, and follow the natural rhythm, we can create more naturally and effortlessly.

If we try to interfere and flow against what’s natural we risk sabotaging our success. 

Perhaps take some time to reflect on your own life, work and activities, and create more naturally. For some aspects, it might be time to review or let go. For others, perhaps it’s time to expand. 

Resist the temptation to skip a season and jump ahead to soon. Equally, beware of staying stuck for too long and not taking the next natural step.


Winter – What is it time to complete, review or let go?

Spring – What is it time to begin, launch, create?

Summer – What is time to grow, develop, expand?

Autumn – What is it time to strengthen, deepen, harvest?