Lessons from Nature

Tree 2

Not the best photo perhaps but the leaves on this tree were simply stunning yesterday. And I remembered reading that the beautiful colours we see at this time of year are actually the natural leaf colour…. only revealed after the chlorophyll has been removed. Which reminds me too that when we let go of what..

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Do more of that


Sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we find ourselves asking ‘Is this it?’ And when that happens, it’s probably fair to say No, this isn’t it at all.  There’s more, much more that you’d love to do in your life. Because every once in a while the little voice inside you says,..

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Fact or Fiction


You know what it’s like. That endless conversation or commentary running in your head. Rationalising, criticising, judging and evaluating. Blaming others. Doubting yourself. Worrying about the future. Reliving the past. It can be thoroughly exhausting can’t it. Especially when you believe what you’re thinking and give that the power. Yet how many times have you..

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Are you being true to yourself?


What are you doing? Is it something you love and that makes your heart sing. Or some kind of duty that makes your heart sink? Its easy to fall asleep to the choices we’re making. And overlook the thoughts and feelings that lead us astray. Pay attention to what’s driving you and choose what inspires..

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The Power of Presence


Being fully present allows you to connect with your inner power and has positive consequences for you, your communication and for those around you. When present you are free to give your full attention, listen closely, communicate clearly and connect authentically. You can enjoy a sense of calm confidence, engage othersy and convey credibilty and..

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Peace of Mind


What would you do differently if Peace of Mind was your highest intention? Choose only what’s true for you perhaps? Minimize distractions? Stay present and connected? Or something else? And if peace of mind isn’t your highest intention, what is?

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Don’t compromise

Dont compromise yourself

Where have you been compromising or accepting second best? What else would you do if you truly believed in yourself? What’s one thing you can do today to really appreciate yourself? Happy International Women’s Day by the way!

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Uphill struggle or effortless ease?


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel you’re just wading through treacle? And despite having lots to accomplish you either can’t get started, keep coming up against obstacles or things just take forever to get done? Contrast that with those days when things come together almost effortlessly and you even surprise..

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