Spiralise your Life :)


Do you have a tendency to crash and burn? Or do you sometimes procrastinate and struggle to get going? Neither of course is sustainable. Nor desirable or necessary either.  The seedling that grows too quickly develops a weakened stem that won’t support the weight of it’s bloom.  The bulb that lies dormant in the earth..

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True Nature


“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself” Thich Nhat Hanh Are you choosing what’s true or compromising somehow? Playing it safe, powering through, pushing water uphill? Or maybe procrastinating, perfecting or pleasing other people? However compelling or convincing it might seem these are just..

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Alchemy in Nature


This photo was taken two years ago. And it really does remind me of the magic and alchemy that exist in nature. Where fungi such as these are continually transforming dead wood, rotting matter and decay into nutrient rich soil to support fresh, new growth and vibrant life. Without this, where would be right now?..

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No lotus, no mud


The lotus is a beautiful flower that grows out of the mud. Without the mud there would be no flower. It seems there’s plenty of ‘mud’ in the world right now. But the mud and the lotus are both organic and ever changing, as are we. We can unconsciously choose to get stuck in the..

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Change is in the Air


Can you smell it? Autumn that is. There’s something about the arrival of Autumn, making itself known in magical ways. The abundance of acorns and chestnuts on the ground, the nights drawing in or the rutting of wild deer. And there’s a distinct scent in the air too….whether from wood burning fires, or the earthy..

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Effort or Ease


How is it that we sometimes make things more difficult than they need to be? Have you ever found yourself spending way too long trying to work something out, find a solution, or get it just right? Or maybe you procrastinate before starting something, hesitate before saying something or over complicate when actually there might..

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What lies beneath?


Fungi are fascinating. Did you know for instance that a Parasol mushroom can grow to the size of a saucer? There are actually hundreds of varieties of Fungi. And all are important both for biodiversity and for the large number of plants that depend on them to supply nutrients to their roots. But the mushrooms..

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Magic Monday? Really?


Magic Monday? Really? Well it seems we could all use a little magic right now. In these times of such uncertainty it can be challenging trying to navigate through the unknown. And even more so, perhaps, when you’re trying to lead your team or organisation as well. So this month I’m giving away 5 FREE..

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The Nature of Oneness

Red stag

One of my daily practices and preferred way of experiencing Oneness is connecting in Nature. This isn’t the only way, of course, and I do other things too, but this for me is particularly special and I find it helps clients as well. I experience a very real sense of Oneness when I’m in or..

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Magic Monday 2020


And here it is! The first of my Magic Monday 2020 offers ? This month I’m giving away three £50 off vouchers to the first three people who apply. You’ll be able to receive £50 off my Intuitive Coaching, Magic in Nature days, Transformational Trainings or my upcoming Wild Magic event! You choose. Call or..

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