Be unstoppable

We all have failures, we all have doubts. We can give these the power and allow them to stop us. Or we can focus instead on what we’d love to create….and be unstoppable. Happy International Women’s Day :)

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What are you waiting for?


What’s one thing you’d love to do but haven’t started yet? So what’s stopping you? Chances are the conditions aren’t quite right. Or to put it more accurately, you have consciously or unconsciously decided that certain conditions need to be in place before you can begin. Perhaps you believe you need more time, more money,..

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Could it be Magic?


Magic? Really? Yes! You have natural gifts and talents You’re much, much more than you ‘think’ you are And you have the power to create more than you ever thought possible So what do you want to create? Make some Magic ;-)  

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Don’t compromise

Dont compromise yourself

Where have you been compromising or accepting second best? What else would you do if you truly believed in yourself? What’s one thing you can do today to really appreciate yourself? Happy International Women’s Day by the way!

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Dare to be you ;-)


Is it just me or have you noticed how so many people and so many things are starting to look and sound the same these days? Our local high streets are lined with the same familiar retail names, every other film released is now in 3d and yet more contestants are competing on TV to..

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Natural Success

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Yesterday I was chatting with a friend who’d just done some brilliant work in a challenging situation. What soon became obvious though, was that he really didnt realise just how brilliant he was. And when I complimented him on what he’d achieved, he said “Oh it was nothing, I didnt do anything special, I was..

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