Be Bold

Be Bold_bg

“If you can do it, or dream you can, do it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” ~ Goethe Too often, in fact more often than not, we want to know ‘how’ to do something, ‘how’ it will happen or ‘how’ it will work out. And our needing to know stands in the..

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Myth or Magic


When we believe our own myth we deny our own truth. Relying on what you think you know or perceive to be true limits what’s possible for you and others. Following your heart and trusting your intuition opens up limitless possibilities.   (Original photo by Michal Lomza via

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Be unstoppable

We all have failures, we all have doubts. We can give these the power and allow them to stop us. Or we can focus instead on what we’d love to create….and be unstoppable. Happy International Women’s Day :)

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Listen to the Whisper


With so much information, advice and noise around these days it’s not always easy to choose what to pay attention to. The simplest and most reliable source of course lies deep within you. It already knows what’s true for you. So take time each day to quieten the mind and listen to your heart. It’s..

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What are you waiting for?


What’s one thing you’d love to do but haven’t started yet? So what’s stopping you? Chances are the conditions aren’t quite right. Or to put it more accurately, you have consciously or unconsciously decided that certain conditions need to be in place before you can begin. Perhaps you believe you need more time, more money,..

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Don’t compromise

Dont compromise yourself

Where have you been compromising or accepting second best? What else would you do if you truly believed in yourself? What’s one thing you can do today to really appreciate yourself? Happy International Women’s Day by the way!

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