“The world will be saved by the western woman” ~ Dalai Lama

As well as the usual demands encountered by our male colleagues, women leaders in business often need to navigate a whole set of additional challenges such as being in the minority, barriers to career progression or determining our own authentic leadership style.

Billionnaire, Warren Buffet recently commented that harnessing the talent of women is key for building strong economies in the future. And following a study conducted by McKinsey’s in 2011 it was recommended that companies spend more time coaching women and offering them leadership training in order to help develop their careers and overcome barriers to advancement.

Benefits of Coaching

So whether taking up a new position, preparing for your next role, managing a transition or facing a personal challenge, my coaching approach is tailored and personalised to help you gain just what you need.

Some of the benefits include;

  • A stronger sense of who you are and your identity as a leader
  • Recognise and express your unique value and contribution
  • Own and embody your feminine power
  • Greater presence and influence as a leader
  • Healthy personal boundaries and the ability to say No
  • Ability to remain composed, calm and confident even in stressful situations
  • Manage your energy levels and maintain personal wellbeing
  • Ability to tap into and trust your intuition
  • Know how to be heard and get your message across
  • Increased confidence to address new challenges
  • Effective networking, self promotion and career progression
  • Enhanced skills and competencies to perform at a higher level


Women in business can also struggle sometimes with their image, especially striking the right balance between maintaining authority and expressing their true identity. We’ve therefore teamed up with expert style consultant, Maggie Killick, of Maggie Killick Style, who can help you present yourself more effectively and authentically through your personal style and the clothes that you wear.