Natural Success

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend who’d just done some brilliant work in a challenging situation.

What soon became obvious though, was that he really didnt realise just how brilliant he was. And when I complimented him on what he’d achieved, he said “Oh it was nothing, I didnt do anything special, I was just being myself!”

And isn’t that often the way? We hear about courageous people who’ve dived into rivers, or entered burning buildings to rescue someone and yet when recognised for their bravery they reply “Oh it was nothing”. And when giving people praise, or asking how they did so well, we’ll often hear the same response. Infact, when was the last time you felt something similar or denied your own brilliance?

It reminds me yet again that when we are being our true authentic selves, we do what comes naturally, and that’s when we get to discover and reveal our own magnificence.

So how is it that so many of us, for so much of the time, don’t feel free to just be ourselves?

We’re often so busy doing, fitting in, living up to expectations, striving to achieve or proving our self worth that we become disconnected from who we truly are, and lose sight of our own greatness and natural talents. And it’s then that we begin to think that we’re not good enough, doubt our abilities and sabotage our efforts.

So to be naturally successful perhaps it makes sense to start by being natural? Letting go of unhelpful inner dialogue and being totally present.

What would it take for you to really be yourself more of the time?
What would you have to let go of?
What would you need to embrace?

Take a moment to reflect………. and commit to being your true self.

And remember “Whatever you think you are, you’re much more than that”