The Magic Art of Creating what you Love

Join us on this unique journey into the art and science of creating what you love

Starting January 2019

“We all have magic inside us” ~ J K Rowling

What would you love to create in 2019?

I’m not talking new years resolutions, superficial goal setting or punishing routines?

I mean what would you really love?

Forget whether you think it’s possible or not? What’s one thing you’d love to create? One thing you’d most love to change?

Is it a new home, a new job, a new business? Or better health, a fitter body, a loving relationship? Or maybe it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on even?


Instead….just imagine…..the fun, the joy, the freedom of creating something that you love, that’s true for who you are now and creating that effortlessly and magically.

It might be a small thing…it might be a big thing…for you or for others. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’d love it, it’s true and its magical.

Are you tired of investing so much time, energy and effort only to end up with more of the same?

Feeling bored, depleted and disappointed, stuck, helpless and frustrated or stressed and on the brink of burn out?

Or frustrated seeing others create what you don’t seem able to

Well none of this is personal, it’s structural. and it doesnt have to be this way

When you learn to master the art and science of creating …….

Not only will you experience more joy, lightness, freedom in your life

You’ll also create amazing results and transformation as if by magic

That doesnt mean you get to sit around and do nothing, but it does involve taking a new more rewarding approach

And the beauty is you dont need to do it alone

I’ll be supporting and guiding a special group of people ready and willing

I’ve been there too………investing lots of effort only to get nowhere, or the frustration of seeing others, or achieving lots but feeling drained by they end of it. Or worse still perhaps,coasting along and going through the motions while living with this nagging feeling that this isnt it, surely there’s more, I’ll share more of my journey another time, but needless to say, things are different now. Always been intrigued and fascinated by magic……. I think many of us are. And pulling rabbits out of hats is one thing. Creating what you want in life, as if by magic, is quite another.

Through simple yet powerful practices you’ll learn how to

  • use your intuition with focus and purpose
  • re-engage the power of your imagination
  • apply powerful creative tools to go beyond what you ‘think’ is possible
  • begin creating results you love

It’s also about learning to receive more too so there’ll be time to connect in nature, visit the health club or simply relax and have fun in a supportive and beautiful environment. Plus gorgeous, nourishing food of course, and if you’d like to stay overnight and really treat yourself you can.

It’s designed for a small, intimate group of women so places are very limited. And we’re only aiming to cover costs this time so the price including lunches, refreshments, access to the health club plus a private one to one session with me is just £155.

When and Where

Location: Online

Date: January 2019

Start: 9.30am for 10am

Finish: no later than 5pm each day

A few comments from recent clients:

“Denise is an insightful and intuitive coach. She tapped into what was really going on and guided me to intuitively see things more clearly and recognise what to do next to create the changes I wanted in my business. It felt easy yet effective. I would definitely recommend”

You’ve given me a real gift….what you’re doing is real alchemy. Thank you

“Denise is one of my very few ‘go to’ people. She is insightful, down to earth and knowledgeable and holds the space for you to understand the patterns playing out in your life and how to create what you desire. She really helped me understand and work with some challenging patterns that were deeply affecting my work, personal life and health”

Our work together has taken me in a direction I never imagined. Thank you for guiding me into the magic”

“Denise has a wonderful and easy way of teaching that makes the techniques accessible and helps you implement them in your life”

“I highly recommend the work you are doing to anyone who wants to find more authentic and empowered ways to live.”

“Before the call I was feeling a little resistant and the notion of any magic in my life felt a bit remote, but afterwards I felt really positive. And then I had an amazing day the next day – I accomplished a lot really easily and enjoyed what I was doing. And I’ve been feeling incredibly effective ever since.”

“My feet have now become a lot less painful and one is completely recovered. Amazing!”

“I had been feeling a bit lost and not sure what to do next to move forward on my goals. Denise helped me get in touch with my intuition and get real clarity about my next step. I’m feeling empowered and grateful. It felt easy and natural. Highly recommended.”

Incredible…..really resonates and helped me refocus

“Denise you were brilliant – really inspiring – very excited at the prospect of letting go and letting in the magic”

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