Restoring the Natural Balance


Away Days, retreats and experiential programmes.  Unique events for teams or groups, outdoors and in nature.


The benefits of being in nature, for our health and wellbeing, are widely documented.

And time spent in nature can also have a surprising and powerful impact on our cognitive abilities too, including problem-solving, imagination and creativity.

Environmental neuroscience is now proving that exposure to nature isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. And research consistently demonstrates enhanced creativity after immersion in natural environments.


Do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement ~ Nietzsche


The natural world has a wealth of wisdom and intelligence to share. And connecting in nature can enhance our ability to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other.


Drawing on advanced creative principles, powerful intuitive tools and the laws of nature, our programmes and events are designed to enhance creativity, connection, performance and wellbeing for teams and for groups.


“I started to realise that all these things that you think you invented, nature thought of them first” ~Matthew Ronay, Artist and Sculptor


Spending time in a natural setting, away from the desk, office or laptop really can be a breath of fresh air! 

And when combined with guided practices and activites can 

  • Inspire creativity
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Deepen connection with colleagues
  • Open up new perspectives
  • Enhance vitality and wellbeing


Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


‘Thank you so much Denise, this was wonderful!’

‘It inspired me to see things I would not normally have noticed. Which in turn triggered my imagination, inspiring new creative projects of my own’.

‘I love the way you presented each session and led us on our journey Denise. It was very insightful. Thank you’

‘What a magical day that was! Denise is an exceptional coach and teacher’

‘Denise has a wonderful and easy way of teaching that makes the techniques accessible and helps you implement them in your life’

‘I really felt I was seeing the place for the first time, I felt much more connected and really saw the magic’

‘I had a profound reconnection with nature that I’ve never felt before. It took me back to my true nature and reminded me that I have access to my intuition in every moment of my life’

‘I learned a lot and deepened my understanding of myself ’


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