How Accumulators Get Into Flow

Accumulators are the opposite of Stars, who get into flow from instant feedback and performing to a crowd. Accumulators would prefer to be recognised for the results of their hard work and are happy being on their own until they are ready to present what they have been doing. When they are in a team, they get into flow by being the anchor for the team and the one that people go to for dependable, objective advice. Accumulators get into flow by knowing everything is manageable and in order.

How Creators Get Into Flow

Creators are excellent at getting things started but often terrible at completing. To get into flow, Creators need to stay focused on creating and surrounding themselves with a team or partners who can execute better than they can. In this way, they create far more value for everyone.

How Deal Makers Get Into Flow

All sports stars, movie stars and rock stars have agents and deal makers representing them. Deal Makers get into flow by having a strong brand or product to talk to others about. They love to recommend others and get into their flow when not focusing on themselves. Deal Makers shine when given a project or task to gain support or enrolment for; and when they can speak passionately on behalf of the needs of the team.

How Lords Get Into Flow

Lords love certainty and are most comfortable with routine, where they know what comes next and have chance to check the results to see if they came out as predicted. Lords love to get things right and they love it even more if the team or the system gets things right. This means they are great score keepers and test takers and get into flow when they are given clear feedback and results that they can improve on.

How Mechanics Get Into Flow

Mechanics get into flow by bringing order to chaos, which is the opposite of the Creators, who like creating chaos from order. They get fulfilment from completion and a job well done, so they get into flow by having a series of smaller projects to complete rather than one large activity that is never done.

How Stars Get Into Flow

Stars are quick thinkers who think best on their feet and in front of others. It is easy for Stars to lose their spark, as they are an open reflection of their environment. They get into flow not by hogging the limelight but by shining it on others. Stars get in flow when they have a great idea or project to focus on and grow. The more wood, the bigger the fire.

How Supporters Get Into Flow

Supporters love group activities and having a chance to be appreciated by their group. Their flow comes from both being appreciated and having the chance to appreciate and value others. Micro-management does not work for Supporters but giving goals that they can then achieve with others does. Supporters get into flow through variety and excitement, which is the opposite of those high on Steel energy, who prefer certainty and stability. When this energy is brought into a project and focused on results it warms up the entire team.

How Traders Get Into Flow

Many in the health care industry are Traders, who care about helping others and can work under pressure. If you think about an emergency room in a hospital, this is Trader energy, where everyone is doing what is needed the moment it is needed. Traders get into flow when the team is working like this and they feel they have had a good day when it has been busy and everyone has been involved in the final result.

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