Believing our Thinking belies our Magic

Whenever we want to create anything, whether in business or in our personal lives, we typically think we need to know how it will happen, and how it needs to be. 

The problem with this of course is that we limit what’s possible right from the start and, leave no space for magic.

But when we learn to create results magically we not only create with less effort, but often create something better than expected. 

It takes skill and practice however to let go of needing to know how it will happen and make space for real magic to happen.

As an example, last weekend I ran a Magic in Nature event which, as the name suggests, was being held outdoors in nature.

In preparing for the event, my ego was thinking nature needed to be beautiful, everything needed to be just right and the weather needed to be perfectly sunny and warm!

Yet an hour before we arrived, the rain was still hammering down as it had for the past 24 hours, the ground would now be a mud bath, and the forecast was for continuing rain and thunderstorms for most of the day. 

This wasn’t going to help at all. My tension was rising and my egoic thinking was in overdrive #@%#@ 

But, regardless of what I thought needed to happen, nature and the weather were clearly outside my control. The irony wasn’t lost on me ;-)

I really did have to let go of needing to know how this would happen and instead use the creative and intuitive tools I was teaching, stay focused on my end result and trust in the magic.

And so just as we were due to begin our event the seemingly impossible happened. Contrary to numerous weather forecasts, the rain eased, the skies cleared and the sun began to break through.

Plus, a magical space became available for us to work in and the end result for the whole day was created beautifully and magically in ways I would never have imagined and even better than I could have planned. 

Magic really does happen when we let go of needing to know.