Foundation for Nature

My Foundation for Wildlife and Nature is intended to be a space where business, people and nature flourish.

Many of us now are becoming increasingly aware of how nature can delight, inspire and benefit our health and wellbeing.

And healthy nature is vital too. Whether it’s conserving species and biodiversity, cleaning up rivers and improving air quality, preserving green spaces and wild habitats or educating future generations and protecting livelihoods.

Just imagine a world without these :(

As part of my work in Natural Leadership I take leaders into nature and bring nature into leadership with powerful and transformational results. And my aim is to take this further still, bringing business, people and nature together where all can continue to thrive together.

Which is why I’m setting up this fundraiser, All About Nature. A first step in raising awareness and raising funds for a select number of wildlife projects that are close to my heart.

My hope is that this is just the beginning and that, as it grows, we’ll go on to support many more projects, people and the natural world in new, creative and innovative ways.

Initial projects I’d love to support are primarily focused on animals and wildlife and include

  • Earthwatch Europe
  • WWF UK
  • The Wildlife Trusts
  • Richmond Park, The Royal Parks
  • Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation
  • The British Wildlife Centre
  • Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats
  • The Donkey Sanctuary
  • The Big Cat Sanctuary
  • Wildlife Aid Foundation

I’ll add to this list over the coming weeks and months so that we can support a wider selection of projects doing equally valuable work for nature, animals and wildlife.

If you feel drawn to help or would like to be involved please follow the link below to donate and share or get in touch and we can chat.

And if you’re an organisation interested in sponsorship opportunities, or collaborative learning programmes, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you in advance :)

Let’s see what we can do!

All About Nature