“I was lost, now I am found. I believe in you, I’ve got no bounds. I’m movin’ on up now. Gettin’ out of the darkness. My light shines on. My light shines on. My light shines on”
taken from Movin’ on Up by Primal Scream 

Just for a moment…. Imagine something that’s really precious to you…..something that’s really important and means a lot.

Now……just imagine losing it…..and searching everywhere for it but to no avail. How do you feel?

And now, imagine you’re sometime in the future, maybe a few years from now, a time when you’ve forgotten all about that precious thing that you once had……a time when you’re living your life as if you never had it…….. Then one day, out of the blue, you suddenly find it again! This precious thing that you’d forgotten you ever had! How good do you feel now?

Well, interestingly I meet lots people who’ve lost something precious to them, or who’ve forgotten what it was they once had, and I often have the privilege of working with them to help them find it again. You could say I’m the Lost and Found coach ;-)

So what is it these people have lost.

  • Some people have lost their confidence
  • Some have lost belief in themselves
  • Some have lost the buzz, the joy, the motivation
  • And many have lost sight of just how good they really are!
  • Others have forgotten all about their dreams and aspirations
  • Some have forgotten how much untapped potential they have
  • And some have lost sight of their direction and what matters most to them
  • Infact, many have actually felt they’ve lost a sense of who they really are and yearn to find themsleves again

Imagine what it’s like living without these things, or even forgetting that you ever had them in the first place. And then imagine how it feels when one day, after all this time, you finally find them again.

When any of us get to rediscover our confidence, a clear sense of purpose or even who we really are … it’s quite transformational and opens up all kinds of opportunties and possibilites.

When we know and trust how good we are then there’s no longer any reason to keep proving it to the world. And when we no longer feel the need to prove something, that’s when we get to be really outstanding. That’s when we really allow our natural talents and abilities to flow. That’s when we’re free to dance to our own tune and follow our own passions and purpose.

So if you know someone who’s lost something valuable, and would like to find it again, please get in touch.