This week I’ve been touched and inspired by some wonderful people.

Some of them, high profile and well known in the public arena. Some, celebrated on national television for their work or their bravery. And others, local people whom I’ve had the privilege to spend time with.

The one thing they each have in common is that their stories elicit a powerful and emotional response in me and in others. We can’t help but feel moved, connected and inspired. And so I wanted to share some of their stories with you. Some you will already know. Others you may be seeing or hearing for the first time.

My reason for sharing is not for you to compare yourself with them and feel less accomplished. My wish is that you too feel connected and inspired. And as you watch or listen, notice which qualities they demonstrate that move you most. Then ask yourself, “Where in my life do I demonstrate those same qualities too?” Because you do, in your own unique way.

Steve Jobs

Not surprisingly, the first story I’m sharing is Steve Jobs. In the week that he sadly passed away, it is clear he has touched and inspired millions around the world. So just in case you havent seen this widely circulated video, I invite you to watch it now. And if you have, it well deserves a repeat viewing.

Be inspired dx