How Accumulators Lead Best

Their analytical skills and sense of timing make Accumulators excellent project managers who will find the way to deliver what is needed on time. This ability to be extremely reliable has led many Accumulators up the ranks in areas that are not their passion. Many end up being faced with office politics which they have little interest in and are ill equipped to handle. Accumulators lead best when they have the power to choose their team, as they will ensure that they only choose those reliable enough to get the job done.

How Creators Lead Best

Don’t expect a Creator to be the best people-person or a data-driven analyst. Creators lead best by setting the vision and a high standard to reach for and being task focused to reach their goals. To be in flow and avoid inevitable friction, a Creator needs a strong communicator to lead the team and a strong analyst to manage the numbers or both the people and the profit will suffer.

How Deal Makers Lead Best

Deal Makers are people-people, but more private than a Star and prefer to work one-to-one. Don’t expect Deal Makers to stick to a plan. Don’t be surprised when they come back from a meeting with a very different, and probably better, outcome than expected. Deal Makers lead best when they are able to be in constant conversation with their ear to the ground, not isolated from the crowd or stuck in the back office.

How Lords Lead Best

Successful Lords not only know they can be replaced, they want to be replaced. With their assets working for them, they have the time freedom to do whatever they want. Lords are great at finding inefficiencies because they analyse the detail and stay in fanatical control. While this works for hard assets, it doesn’t work so well with people. For this reason, Lords are best at leading through the numbers instead of through conversation and collaboration. Lords almost always value process and policy over people, so take care in the position a Lord has within a team and set them up for success using their strengths.

How Mechanics Lead Best

Mechanics like to take things apart and put them together again. They are up to the challenge of changing the wheels on a moving car and as a result they are continually challenging the status quo on the way things are done. This can be very stimulating for some and very frustrating for others. Mechanics lead best by staying out of the fray and seeking ways to perfect a process or system which can the team then implement following thorough training.

How Stars Lead Best

Don’t expect a Star to wait for their team, or delight in the details (unless it is details on presentation and people). Stars strive for high standards and will often switch things at the last moment to suit the occasion. Their leadership is by inspiration and leading from the front so they need a strong Deal Maker to secure the connections and a strong number cruncher to count the figures.

How Supporters Lead Best

Despite being one step away from the Star profile, the two are as different as thunder and lightning. Supporter profiles engender plenty of loyalty wherever they go, one of the Star profile’s greatest challenges. This is because while Stars generate hands-off admiration, Supporters attract hands-on motivation. Supporters are both intuitive and sensory, which means that they often can act as the antenna for a more removed value creator, leading by being the implementer from vision to action through people.

How Traders Lead Best

Traders struggle when given a blank sheet to fill but will quickly find the patterns in a puzzle. They find their flow when they grow a connection with their market and with their team. When they are taken out of this connection, it takes them time to tune back in and find their rhythm again. Traders lead far better through daily activity than long-term milestones and where they have ongoing input to inform their decision-making. All great Trader leaders lead from the centre of the action, the opposite of Creators, who do their best work when above the noise of the markets.

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