Change is in the Air

Can you smell it? Autumn that is. There’s something about the arrival of Autumn, making itself known in magical ways.

The abundance of acorns and chestnuts on the ground, the nights drawing in or the rutting of wild deer. And there’s a distinct scent in the air too….whether from wood burning fires, or the earthy tones of fungi and decomposing plants.

Perhaps the most striking of all though, is the kaleidoscope of colours as the leaves on the trees turn from shades of green to reds, oranges and gold. We become so accustomed to seeing green leaves at other times of year that we presume this to be their natural colour. But with the onset of Autumn and fewer hours of sunlight, leaves stop making food so the chlorophyll and green pigment is broken down and other true colours are magically revealed.

And it’s similar for us too :) When we let go of what’s no longer needed, our true colours and true nature can also be revealed. The difference of course is that this doesn’t simply happen with the changing of the seasons. We must consciously acknowledge what no longer serves us, and consciously choose to let go and refocus.

This might mean shedding familiar habits, ways of working, jobs, relationships, even homes that no longer support us or fit with who we are. Not quite so easy as shedding leaves perhaps, but certainly freeing, empowering and essential even, if we’re to flourish naturally, live authentically and allow our natural magic to shine.

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(Original image by Jeremy Thomas via