Effort or Ease

How is it that we sometimes make things more difficult than they need to be?

Have you ever found yourself spending way too long trying to work something out, find a solution, or get it just right? Or maybe you procrastinate before starting something, hesitate before saying something or over complicate when actually there might have been a far simpler way.

I was reminded of this while walking in nature the other day. I spotted a parakeet (not the one in the picture as I didn’t have my camera). It was climbing up a huge oak tree and, from where I was standing, it seemed to be hauling it’s way up by it’s beak. I couldn’t help wondering whether flying might not have been easier :)

I happen to know that parakeets and similar species do have very strong beaks which they sometimes use for climbing. But it did strike me how often we make things more difficult for ourselves. When we think we need to be a certain way, or do things a certain way we deny our natural gifts and talents, ignore the wisdom of our intuition and overlook what’s obvious.

In the current climate things are difficult enough without us creating more difficulties of our own.

When we learn to let go of thinking we know we open up a world of new possibilities and more natural ease and flow too.

(Original image by Shay Cohen via Unsplash.com)