Clash of the titans?

Does life sometimes feel like this? 

For many, the common fitness mantra ‘no pain, no gain’ has almost become a way of life. 

And while clashing antlers and going head to head is perfectly natural for stags in the wild, for us it most likely stems from a misguided belief that creating results takes effort and struggle. 

Because an equally important element of creating involves embracing the feminine, yielding and allowing ideas to emerge and results to unfold. 

An over reliance on the masculine risks exhaustion, stress or burnout, not to mention limiting possibilities and sabotaging results. 

Yet an unhealthy dependence on the feminine means we risk waiting forever, taking no action and nothing much happens.

But when we connect with our innate, creative potential and embrace our true natural power we create more than we thought possible, naturally and magically. 


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(Original image by Ming Jun Tan via