What lies beneath?

Fungi are fascinating. Did you know for instance that a Parasol mushroom can grow to the size of a saucer?

There are actually hundreds of varieties of Fungi. And all are important both for biodiversity and for the large number of plants that depend on them to supply nutrients to their roots.

But the mushrooms and toadstools we see above ground are only the ‘fruit’ of the fungi below ground, lying out of sight and hidden from view. And as in nature the same applies in our own lives too. Just because we can’t see what’s going on doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on. We just never really know what’s happening behind the scenes.

Like the time I was invited to be interviewed for two books out of the blue, just after I’d been contemplating raising my profile. And the time the hotel venue for my workshop magically announced, two days before we were due to start, that I could have the conference room I wanted, having previously insisted it was already booked and paid for by someone else.

So when we learn to let go of needing to know and control, we make space for surprises and magic to appear. And our natural abilities and creative powers begin to yield fruit, beyond what we ever thought possible and with more natural ease too.