Magic in Nature exercise


Take some time to be in nature, whether in open space, the garden, a balcony or terrace, or even in your own home

And set an intention to observe something magical in nature or magic in nature


> Let go of what you think this might be or what it means….and simply hold it lightly as an intention without needing to know


> When you’re ready, take some time to be in nature and find somewhere to sit or stand and be still


> Notice where you are….any thoughts, feelings, sensations, whatever’s going on around you


> Now let all that go and bring your attention to this present moment


> Noticing your breath, breathing easily, comfortably and naturally


> Relaxing your focus and choosing to be open and curious


> Take your time and take a look around


> Noticing what’s here, what attracts your attention as being magical in some way.


> What is it that you notice?
It might be a sight, a sound, a sensation….


> And what makes it magical?


> Now looking a little longer, listening a little deeper what insights or wisdom emerge?


> When you’re complete take a moment to capture your observations, perhaps in a journal of some kind


> And just before you leave, notice how you’re feeling now? In your body? In your mind?


> How does this compare with when you started?


Enjoy xx