*** Magic in Nature – online ***


Join us for a unique opportunity to not only benefit from connecting in nature but also to learn and practice connecting with your own true nature, intuition and inner wisdom.

With everything that’s going on in the world right now it can feel stressful and worrying or perhaps boring and frustrating. And with so much information being circulated and broadcast it can also be confusing and unsettling too.


So I’d love to invite you to come and discover our next ‘Magic in Nature – online and in nature’.


We know that spending time in nature is good for us. But all too often we can find ourselves passing through without really seeing what’s there, lost in thought and not fully present or feeling disconnected from any sense of clarity and calm.


So ‘Magic in Nature – online and in nature’ will be a real opportunity to;

> connect more deeply with the mystery and magic in nature
> create a sense of calm, clarity and stillness
> tune in to your own inner wisdom, magic and creativity
> gain insights and inspiration to help you navigate these uncertain times, gain insights and clarity and start creating what you’d love


Last year I ran several Magic in Nature events where I took small groups of people into nature for the day and introduced exercises, practices and guided meditations along with time and space to immerse and connect in nature individually. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and gained lots too.


Here are a few comments;

It was a joy to participate in Magic in Nature, I truly experienced the magic of it!

What a magical day that was! Denise is an exceptional coach and teacher

I had a profound reconnection with nature that I’ve never felt before. It took me back to my true nature

It was a lovely day, and I really saw that magic is real and in me

I became far more aware of things around me and the importance of stillness and slowing down. I’d like to do it again

I enjoyed this much more than I envisaged. I experienced the joy of what is around me, and benefited from sharing with other participants too


So with ‘Magic in Nature – online and in nature’ you get the best of both worlds. And if you can’t get out into a park or open space, you can practice in your garden, on a balcony, looking through a window or even engaging with nature in your home or online.

We’ll begin with a group online session using Zoom, and then I’ll share with you some short exercises, practices and guided meditations that you can use on your own during the weekend. There’s a private Facebook group where we can connect and support each other. And we’ll meet up again on line at the end to capture and share what we gained.




Start: First Zoom call (approx 90mins)
End: Second Zoom call (approx 60 mins)


Looking forward to the magic!

Because naturally life can be magical :)