The Power of Nature

You might have noticed that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.


The theme this year is Nature, reminding us of the unique power and capacity that Nature has to benefit our health both physically and mentally.


And whilst we inherently know this to be true, there’s also increasing scientific evidence now that supports this. 


With the focus this week on mental health, it’s also worth remembering that we don’t just need to have long term mental health issues to benefit from Nature.


For me personally, my poor little cat died suddenly at the weekend, which was really sad and upsetting. He’d been keeping me company all through lockdown. Yet without negating or diminishing what had happened, I was able to feel a sense of peace and contentment by connecting fully in nature this week.


It’s not about papering over the cracks but about connecting with what else is available, to us and within us, especially at times when we might be struggling.


And it’s more than simply going for a walk, although this can be helpful too of course. But if our thoughts, worries and To Do lists are still swirling around in our minds then walking alone might not offer much relief. 


So the quality of our connection in nature is important. When we can learn to go beyond our everyday thoughts and feelings, connecting more fully, listening more deeply and being more present, we can open up to new insights and wisdom, enjoy a sense of connection with something greater than ourselves, and be uplifted or inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature. 


And it’s not only our health that benefits. Our creativity and intuitive abilities are enhanced also.


Which is why I love bringing nature into my work and taking clients into nature. Whether it’s a team or group in need of fresh energy and ideas. A coaching client in search of inspiration and wisdom. Or others exploring their creative potential and their ability to flourish more effortlessly in life. 


Guided coaching and powerful practices enhanced by Nature are not only refreshingly different but also naturally powerful.


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