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New for 2014

Presentera Mentoring Programme


Denise Parker

Authentic Success Mentoring / Lasting Legacy programme


Are you ready to make 2014 a fabulous year?

What do you want to create in 2014? More of the same, or is it time for a change?

And if not now, then when? The choices you make today create the future tomorrow?



Here’s another question –  have you ever felt stressed and overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck, or lost your sense of purpose and felt tired and unfulfilled?

Have you ever felt that people around you seem to be talking a different language? What excites them just doesn’t do it for you any more?

What motivated you in the past, no longer inspires you today?

And after a Christmas of excess, reflection or recuperating from illness after a hectic year…. do you really want the next phase of your life to be a repeat of the last?


Well you’re not alone. At this time of year, statistics show…………….

And for anyone approaching or already in their 50s, research demonstrates, pivotal time, transitional age. Evolving.

No longer in your 30s. No longer driven by the same things. Not interested in competing with youngsters.

What motivated you then may no longer inspire you now?

No longer about the money, more about meaning, lifestyle, being true to who you are now, expressing your truest self

Aligned with who you are, values, passions, causes even your soul

The Age or stage you’re at………..? Each era has its own bio, psycho, social characteristics

The world needs you, at this age and d=stage in life. Vital part of human evolution, Neuroscience – role to play, sharing, teaching, younger less experienced

Time for you, your passions, your true purpose

No longer willing to put up with, say what you think, speak your mind, risk alienating people, no longer willing to sacrifice your health in the name of success, risk your relationships  / family life, run yourself into the ground for pointless projects, play petty politics,

Now is the time …………………….. evolving from ego self to beyond ego, knowledge to wisdom, doing to being, getting to giving

Also, time of questioning, what do i want to do with the next chapter of my life? Search for meaning and purpose. Self actualisation. Contribution and legacy. Wisdom, awareness, legacy.

Had the successful career – possibly founded on decisions made with far less self awareness, other peoples agendas / influences, served a purpose but no longer a good fit

OR you see how things are done around here, and want to lead in a very different way / transforming cultures, teams / environments etc – evolve the human spirit


7 year cycles: (research)

49 – 56           

Well, like many others in your position, maintaining the status quo, business as usual, life as we know it, ………………….. njo longer an option if you want to live a fulfilling and rewarding life, health, vitality, energy and happiness.

The world is changing, global issues, require the talents and influence of people like you/us to really step up, make a difference,  leave a lasting legacy for humanity and the planet

And if we don’t, well e can go back to what we were doing before. Live with the stress, frustration, low energy and damaging our health, and wondering what if

And what’s more the consequences can be much longer lasting and far more damaging

Life offers us clues, and when we’re present and open, we can recognise, learn nd act on these clues


Like – the man who lived his life in his head, mostly ignorant or blind to what was heppening in his body. Ignoring the signs until they became louder and more painful. Shouting its time to change !

More of the same;

  • Stress, overwhelm or hard work
  • Taking on too much,
  • Frustration, unfulfilled,
  • Tired, drained, exhausted, depleted
  • Burnt out, lost motivation, running on empty
  • Health, energy, wellbeing suffering
  • Relationships at work suffering
  • Relataionships at home suffering
  • Questioning, self doubt, more to life than this, but what?
  • Scary,
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of purpose, meaning,
  • Pointless, meaningless
  • On the verge of giving up, packing it in or working your way to an early grave
  • You lack clarity, feel confused or distracted and are not sure what to focus on
  • Your confidence dips and you start questioning or doubting yourself, especially when it seems like everyone else is doing better than you
  • It starts to affect your relationships and other areas of your life
  • With a wealth of talent, experience and influence….What now?

You may have been able to tolerate this so far, but for how much longer?

for a while, but just like those shoes at the end of the night, you can find yourself asking ‘what on earth am i doing?’  

Time for a change; 

  • Reconnect with who you are now
  • Reconnect with the value, gifts and talents you have to share
  • With meaning, purpose and legacy, calling
  • Use your gifts and talents to make a real difference in the world
  • Connect and collaborate with people who get you
  • Purpose and meaning
  • Inspired and energised
  • Recognise and appreciate your true worth
  • Where in the world your contribution is most needed
  • It feels completely natural and you’re doing what you love
  • You’re in your flow and things happen more easily
  • Your mind is clear, you know exactly what you want and what needs to happen
  • You remain calm and relaxed, even under pressure
  • You have an inner confidence that allows you to handle new challenges and make decisions that fit for you
  • You’re far more compelling and attract potential clients with ease
  • You value yourself and charge what you’re worth
  • You enjoy more balance and wellbeing in your life

Many people I meet, and clients I work with, have lost their true sense of self, forgotten what really matters to them and lost confidence in themselves. And that means that they’re either holding back and not getting the results they would like, or are getting results but not being true to who they really are. That’s why I’ve created my Authentic Success SPA. 


Presentera mentoring programme

This programme draws upon the work I’ve been doing with my coaching clients over the past 16 years and includes some of the best approaches available that have really benefitted them…..

During this 3 month programme I’ll not only guide you through the 5 fundamental steps that I use with my clients but also give you the space to explore for yourself what really fits for you. The 5 steps of the SPA process are; 

S – Start with yourself
A healthy sense of self is essential for developing and maintaining a feeling of confidence, realising your natural gifts and talents and making choices that fit with who you are. 

P – Prioritise what matters most
Knowing what matters most, and what really drives you at a deep level, allows you to focus more easily, gain greater clarity and enjoy more passion and inspiration in your life. 

A – Accept and let go
Releasing unhelpful habits and conditioning, accepting who you are and letting go of attachments to things, people and opinions, is hugely liberating and frees you up to be your natural, authentic self.  

C – create new choices and new ways of being

Choosing new perspectives opens up endless possibilities for who you are, how you want to be in the world and what else is possible.

E – effective, meaningful action

Taking action is important if you want to create results. Taking action that is meaningful and aligned with a higher sense of purpose or calling is powerful beyond measure.


What’s included


3 months 121 coaching / mentoring support……………………

Skype / phone. 2 calls per month. 2 hours per call. Email follow up. Exercises. Materials.


FREE workshop to get started – gorgeous location, introduced to other people, support and share, get connected

Invite a friend for ½ price



 A bit about me


For those of you who don’t already know me, since 1997 I’ve been helping managers, leaders and senior achievers in denise_w387_h580.jpgorganisations create more Authentic Success.  This means that not only do they get to achieve outstanding results but they also find more enjoyment and meaning in the work that they do AND feel good about themselves too. 

Two years ago I reached 50. And in many ways I felt quite excited, a sense of anticipation and opportunity. What was i going to do with the next third of my life. Dont particularly look or feel my age…delayed reaction, finally approaching 52, embraced the fact that I’m now in my 50s. What some might call middle age or middle adulthood.

And then it dawned on me, why I somehow felt i just didn’t relate to certain things any more, wasn’t motivated by same drivers any longer, and even found myself getting quite irritated with 30 somethings telling me how i should rrun my business and live my life.

. I know from my own experience, and the experience of my clients, that reaching our goals is one aspect of success, how we are feeling is quite another. And contributing to something bigger than ourselves or leaving a legacy is an even more compelling motivator

Pains me to see such talented people suffering and struggling, sabotaging their health, relationships and happiness, when they have so much to give, and so much value/talent to share with the world. Not alone, doesn’t have to be this way, the world needs them.

??Years ago remember always getting flu or some lurgy over Christmas, meet others who barely have the energy etc etc



Here’s what a few clients said recently;

“I now feel I can be myself without having to put on a brave face or act tough”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop. I seem to be more at peace with my situation now. Do let me know if you are planning any more workshops in the future.”

“I was really impressed by your calm, professional approach and really value what you have given me – a way of calming down by staying in the ‘now’ both personally and professionally, and the confidence to really think about what I wanted and move my business forward in a way that I was fearful of doing before. Thank you! ” Business owner 

“You have changed my life with your training and advice …. seriously !!! I now have more confidence and have made changes I never knew I could” Coaching client 

  “I found your questions and the different techniques you use very valuable. I now have better clarity of my next steps and am more motivated to take those steps. Thanks!” 

“The work we did last week has proven its worth. I have been able to stay centred and calm. Thank you so much – you are such a star and I am forever grateful for all your help” 


When and where?



Date:    TBA

Time:    9.30am to 3.30pm 

Venue:  The gorgeous Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, SW London 

Cannizaro House is a beautiful 4 star boutique hotel set in beautiful grounds overlooking  34  acres of open parkland. It’s also just a few minutes walk from the delightful Wimbledon village. 


 A few more reasons to attend


  • Fantastic price – won’t be able to offer at this all inclusive price again, usual price £5000, promotion £1500
  • Proven strategies that dozens of clients, and I, have benefited from
  • Stronger sense of self – know what’s really right for you
  • Get clear about your priorities and focus
  • Greater calm and peace of mind
  • Overcome blocks and limitations
  • Increased inner confidence
  • Time and space for you
  • Network with like minded people


 What Now?

If what you’ve read here resonates with you then why not treat yourself and come along on the 25th? If you sense that you’ve been holding back and would really like to be clear, calm and have the confidence to create what you want in 2012 then reserve your place at the introductory price. 


Your Investment

The price for this workshop is just £……….. and that includes lunch, refreshments and even VAT

Satisfaction Guarantee


I’m confident that you’ll have a wonderful day and get lots of value too. However, just in case you’re still wondering, here’s my personal promise. If you really don’t feel that it’s been great value for money then let me know before the end of the workshop and I’ll return your investment in full.  

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


And if you have any questions that I’ve not answered here, or if there’s anything else you need before signing up, please give me a ring on 07958 738332 . 

Looking forward to working with you. Can’t wait to get started ;-) 

And remember “There’s no time like Now”

To your Authentic Success! 

Denise x 

P.S. Last date for bookings is Friday xx January. No further bookings can be taken after this date. 

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