“Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him”

 In business today, success very much depends upon effective self-promotion, reputation management and knowing what your employer, colleagues or customers want. Feedback is a valuable tool for helping present yourself in the best possible way, improve personal and professional effectiveness, identify strengths and development areas and, ultimately, increase flexibility and success.

How much feedback do you receive and how useful is it? Do you actively seek it, welcome it or manage to avoid it all together?

Use the following tips to help you obtain more valuable and useful feedback.

1  Select an area you would like feedback about – be as specific as possible
eg impression, technical expertise, communication style, leadership skills, presentation skills, performance 
2  Identify who you will ask
eg manager, staff, team members, customers

3  When and where will be most appropriate 
eg after my presentation on Monday morning, brief people beforehand? 
4  How will you ask? How can you help them give quality feedback?
Select questions that will elicit what you want eg. What am I doing well? What could be better? What could I do differently? What else do you want / need from me? 

5  How will you use it? How will it help you? 

6  How will you follow up? 

7  List 3 activities for gathering feedback that you will use in the next 3 months