***For busy entrepreneurs and small business owners***

Authentic Success SPA

How to overcome confusion, stress and doubt and
enjoy more clarity, calm and confidence in your business


Would you like to get really CLEAR about what you want, and what you need to do, in a way that fits for YOU?
Do you long to stop your mind racing and just feel CALM and relaxed more of the time?
Are you ready to stop holding back and doubting yourself? Would you love the CONFIDENCE to just be and do what you really want?

As a busy entrepreneur do you sometimes
From Denise:

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes, or a smart new outfit, and then stepped out and realised that they just don’t fit? They don’t feel quite right, you can’t ignore it, and that just keeps nagging at the back of your mond? It doesn’t feel so good does it?
Imagine achieving success, that doesn’t quite fit, that somehow leaves you feeling empty or unable to be who you really are? Sadly, plenty of people experience this.
And with so much ‘expert’ advice, so much noise, and information around, and a desire to do the right thing, it’s easy to lose yourself along the way. Especially for small business owners, trying to do it all yourself, easy to forget who you really are ……..
Which is why I believe Authentic Success is so important. Yes there are plenty of pressures for us to grow our businesses, be successful, accomplish more but what about YOU? Success without Authenticity, being true to you, leads to burnout, brickwall
Authentic Success
Like that ill fitting suit, or torturous pair of shoes, success that isn’t authentic just doesn’t feel right. When we’re not being true to ourselves it’s hard work. We feel confused and distracted. Our mind is probably racing, feel stressed and nervous and just cant slow down. And also lose confidence and start to doubt/question yourself and hold yourself back. Even worse, starts to affect your relationships and Ultimately, lead to illness………… where our bodies have to shout really loud for us to get the message
We can tolerate for a while, but just like the shoes at the end of the night, we find ourselves asking what on earth am i doing to myself?
Authentic success on the other hand just feels natural, you’re in flow and things happen more easily. Your mind is clear, you know just what you want and what needs to happen. You’re able to remain calm and relaxed – which allows you to make better decisions. And you have an inner confidence and resilience which allows you to cope, make big decisions etc
That’s why I’ve created my unique 3 step process Authentic Success SPA
So how do you create authentic success for you?
3 essential steps
There are 3 key steps that I frequently use with my clients to help them create, or move towards Authentic Success. This is my Authentic Success SPA programme.

S – Start with yourself

A healthy sense of self is essential for developing and maintaining a feeling of confidence, realising your natural gifts and talents and making choices that fit with who you are. Knowing what you stand for. Knowing your gifts and talents. Knowing what’s right for you vs comparing with others. Confidence, more compelling and attractive to clients.

P – Prioritise what matters most

Knowing what matters most, and what really drives you at a deep level, allows you to focus more easily, gain greater clarity and enjoy more passion and inspiration in your life. What are your values? What are your passions? What are your dreams? And what is your Why? Every business needs a why, without it there is something fundamental missing. Allows you to focus, be clear and create more of what you want.

A – Accept and let go

Releasing unhelpful habits and conditioning, accepting who you are and letting go of attachments to things, people and opinions, is hugely liberating and frees you up to be your natural, authentic self. Accept and acknowledge yourself, your business and the value you provide for your clients. Let go of old habits and stories that tell you you’re not worthy, charge what you’re worth!

When and where?

Date:    Wednesday 25th January 2010

Time:    9.30am to 3.30pm

Venue:  The gorgeous Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, SW London.

Cannizaro House is a beautiful 4 star boutique hotel overlooking 34 acres of open space of Cannizaro Park and a few minutes walk from Wimbledon village.






What Next?

If anything I’ve said so far resonates with you

Your Investment
So what’s it worth?

There always priorities. Many busines sowners I meet are forgetting to priorities themselves, and taking themselves further and further away from who they really are. Paying thousands of £/$ for other people’s strategies
Usually charge 4 figure fees for one day
Instead, want to make this affordable



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Satisfaction Guarantee


And finally, here’s my promise to you. If for some reason you dont feel that you have got real value from the workshop then let me know before then end and I’ll give you a full refund.

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To your Authentic Success
Denise x

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