Balance for Better

Would you love to create amazing results more effortlessly, and a life you love more magically?

Then why not join us for this insightful and inspiring, fun and enjoyable online event.



In support of International Women’s Day I’m hosting this free call exploring the theme Balance for Better. Not so much in terms of gender, but in terms of balancing the masculine and feminine to unlock our infinite creative potential as women.

Online, Thursday 7th March at 7pm. Please use this Link to register beforehand .

A few more things we’ll be covering;

  • What we really mean by the masculine and feminine
  • Why these are both so important
  • Recognise how they both exist within you
  • Understand how an imbalance might be limiting you
  • Learn how to rebalance and connect with your true creative potential
  • Practice using your intuition to gain valuable personal insights
  • Identify your next inspired action

Look forward to seeing you there! Dx