A better return on your investments ;-)

With so much uncertainty around, one thing is certain, we are undergoing a period of major transition…..and those most likely to prosper will be those people who are willing to change, stay positive and create value. Trying to hang on to old models, old habits, and old ways of doing things just doesn’t make sense.

So how can you prepare for the future? What would make a good investment? Where are you likely to get the greatest returns and the biggest rewards? I’m sure there are dozens of ways but here are just a few for starters ;-)

 1 Invest in your PR – How about investing a bit of time, or commissioning a bit of help, to update your CV. If you’re looking for a another job then this is a must, and if you’re not, it still helps to take stock, and be prepared. Or how about investing time in intelligent networking? Connect with people you can help and who might be able to help you. Raise your profile.

2 Invest in your Skills – What skills can you build on? What new skills can you acquire? Anticipate what your current or future employer might need. Anticipate trends in the workplace. There might be concerns about job security these days but you can create more security of employment by keeping yourself up to date and marketable. Think about what you would like to be doing now and in the future. People who are most fulfilled in their work tend to be those who have developed skills they find interesting, and are doing what they enjoy.

3 Invest in your Personal Development – Take time to clarify what you want and how you want to be, create strategies for getting there and clear blocks that are getting in your way. Boost your confidence, create peace of mind, relieve stress or improve your relationships. Read a book, attend a course, find a coach or speak to someone who can help.

4 Invest in your Well Being – It’s easy to comfort ourselves with alcohol, junk food and chocolate! Especially during the winter months. But how does it really make you feel? Be honest ;-) Instead, why not develop practices that help you feel really good…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Maybe tai chi, aikido, yoga, meditation, walking in nature, being with friends and family? Take up a hobby. Go for a massage. Whatever works for you.

5 Invest in your Health & Fitness – Equip yourself to handle challenges and change. Choose a healthy diet, tone up, get fit. Physical exercise not only helps us feel better physically, it also helps mentally and emotionally too.

However you decide to invest in yourself, recognise the value, remember you’re worth it and above all…..have fun! ;-)