Magic? Seriously?

Sometimes people don’t think I’m serious when I talk about magic. And in one sense they’re right. I’m not being serious, I’m having fun. Because creating what you love, magically and effortlessly, is far more fun than taking life so seriously.

Just imagine the sense of joy and delight when things show up surprisingly and mysteriously in your life. And I don’t just mean random things. I mean things you actually want and love.

Not convinced? Well here are a couple of small examples.

The other day I was thinking I’d like to see a friend who I don’t see very often. And at the same time I was noticing that my lipstick was running low and I needed a new one. About an hour later that very same friend texted me to ask if I was free to meet for coffee as she was coming into town…. to buy a new lipstick! Well of course I was free :) And to celebrate we went for cocktails too..even better!

Still not convinced?

Well how about this? Late last month I was looking at my business figures and realised I was still only part way towards my monthly projection. As my rational mind tried to figure out what else I could do my intuition told me to go and buy a new battery for my laptop as the current one wasn’t charging very well. While I was in the shop I received an email from a complete stranger asking me to work with their company. Not only that but I would need my laptop and a battery that worked! So there it was. As if by magic I was suddenly within £20 of my monthly target without even lifting a finger. Well almost ;-)

I’m not pretending it’s easy, but when we learn to let go of the need to know, master the art of focusing on results we’d love, and avoid falling prey to our egoic limitations…. we really can create magic :)