Make Blue Monday a Magic Monday

Welcome to Blue Monday!

The third Monday in January, allegedly ‘the most depressing day’ of the year.

But wait. Before you buy into the myth, and make it a reality, read on. The truth is that this was all just concocted as part of a PR campaign for a travel company a few years ago. It gained attention, people talked it into being, and the idea stuck. (Interesting how that happens…..)

So we can all relax, it’s ok, it’s just Monday ?

It is the 20th though, and so seems a fitting time to introduce #MagicMonday2020.

You may have noticed last year that, on the first Monday of each month, I gave away three free intuitive coaching sessions as part of my Magic Monday offer. Lots of people took the opportunity to benefit from a free session and here are just a few of their comments;

‘You’ve given me a real gift….what you’re doing is real alchemy. Thank you”

Denise is an exceptional coach and teacher”

“Brilliant session. Thank you Denise. Highly recommended”

So this year, I’m going a step further.

For 2020 there will be a whole new range of special offers which will vary from month to month.

These might include, coaching or mentoring sessions, online courses, classes or webinars or special discounts for my exclusive events, programmes and retreats. There may even be group offers for your community or team.

So keep an eye out on the first Monday of each month, starting 3rd February. And look out for #magicmonday2020 online too.

Because naturally life can be magical ?